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Charlie Obert's Barn

At the seventh generation the Obert farm is sold. The new owners care little for the buildings. It is the land they want. After years of neglect the old dairy barn is sentenced to a humiliating end. It is to be bulldozed and burned. It is saved the funeral pyre when Charlie Obert's grandson dismantles it and moves it 350 miles away. It is now his family's house.

The Wild Ponies of Chincoteague

The film begins with the legend:  
In the seventeenth century a Spanish galleon crashed off the Virginia coast.  In the hold was a band of ponies.  The sinking ship fractured on the shoals spilling the ponies into the Atlantic Ocean.  The ponies swam for their lives and reached the barrier island of Assateague.  Their descendants roam free on the island today.    

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