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Scrapple Road 

Scrapple Road


When it comes to scrapple, parts are parts. So, staying on brand, Scrapple Road is brought to you in five of them. Pause between parts two and three to make a sandwich. Save four and five for breakfast. Or blow through the entire block in one hour- long pig-out.  Serve yourself.

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Scrapple Road ambles the slow lane and zips the fast lane. It is a turnpike here, an interstate there.  There are off ramps and four way stops, busy city streets and rolling country roads.  This is where families set up small businesses.  They run a butcher shop, a diner, or a scrapple plant. 

Scrapple Road is their story.

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You'll meet lots of great people.

Adam Diltz of Elwood Restaurant in Fishtown teaches the history of scrapple and shares a recipe. The family at Hughes Delaware Maid Scrapple open their doors along Route 12 and by so doing provide Dickens quality characters.  You'll visit a distillery in Smyrna, a butcher shop in Sudlersville, a martini lounge outside of Reading.  Folks at Angelo's Diner in Glassboro, New Jersey point out that they share something in common with scrapple, "It's like us.  A bit salty".  

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Frequently asked questions.


How gross is it? 

You will not see a hog slaughtered but you will see a James Beard nominated chef, Chef Diltz mentioned above, work with a carcass.  The trendy term is “nose to tail”.  For those of us who are not influencers it simply means don’t waste food.  That, my friends, is what scrapple is all about. 


Okay, what is in scrapple?

Recipes vary but basically pork cuts that aren’t the fancy, expensive bits, flours, spices, and a broth.  

Where was it filmed?

Elwood Restaurant in Philadelphia.  The Sudlersville Frozen Meat Locker, Hughes Dairy Maid Scrapple, Painted Stave Distillery, Stoltzfus Meats, the Philadelphia Free Library, Angelo’s Diner, Rosemont College, a few churches, the “Rocky” steps and more. We followed the road through four states, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  


When was filmed

Scrapple Road was shot over the course of about six years. 

Thanks Covid!


Why scrapple of all things?

It’s part of the culture and heritage of the Mid-Atlantic.  It’s something that folks in the region can root for no matter what.  Kinda like being an Orioles or Flyers fan.


How can I see it?

Scrapple Road will be released for streaming exclusively here, on the Scrapple Road site.

It hits the pan on October 1, 2022.  Additionally, and this will be big fun, there is the Scrapple Road Show.  Venues across the region will host a screening.  There will be local chefs & bartenders, you’ll meet people from the film, maybe food trucks and a farmers market.  Each location will blow it up as they wish.

All right, I’m in, but who would drive around doing a film on scrapple?

Meet your driver, Kurt Kolaja.

Kurt began his career of safe driving in a Datsun 1200 sedan.

He went on to drive television news vehicles for various TV stations east of the Mississippi. Combining experiences learned behind the wheel, behind a camera and prior films, Kurt brings you Scrapple Road.

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Adam schools Kurt on the recipe

Scrapple Road

It's an East Coast thing

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Pull up a chair

Illustrated Pig

Thanks for joining!

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